Until recently, sexual harassment was mainly concerning working women and aggressive sexual behavior of their superiors.

Nowadays, we are talking about an even bigger problem: sexual harassment over the internet, especially for minors.

Due to widespread use of social media, every child is at risk of becoming a victim of abuse. The number of pedophiles is tremendously increasing, because of anonymity that internet offers.

Publishing fake information and photos that have nothing to do with the reality, they lure children and teenagers either on sexual discussions or even in real-world meetings. 

The main way of seduction is fake declaration of age, as they declare to be at the same age with the minors. So, minors are easily converted to victim of sexual harassment or even worse, to a victim of sexual abuse.

In recent years, sexual harassment has taken large dimensions, so parent must be attentive and monitor daily the way that the child uses internet.

If you mention that your child suddenly changes its behavior, is fearful or nervous, it is probably under sexual harassment. Our office can investigate in depth the profile of any suspicious online friend, and as result, to help you preventing a painful situation.





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