The premarital testing regards not only the medical exam.

Nowadays, as the number of divorces increases in a worrisome rate, premarital testing mainly according to the past of the prospective groom/bride is necessary.

Premarital testing can protect from dangerous surprises.

Our office undertakes to carry on premarital testing for you.

This will ensure your assets, especially in case of divorce, and you will be able to take any action for any problems that will occur on your marriage,  on time.

With premarital testing, we can have a clear view for the person that we want to join our life.

Our office undertakes to thoroughly investigate and provide any evidence for the groom/bride, regarding:

  • financial issues
  • relatives
  • erotic pass
  • habits and lifestyle

By premarital testing, problems that it’s necessary to know are identified, such as:  unusual habits, unstable lifestyle, risky economic situation, debts, past divorces, children not being notified to the concerning person.





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